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Ipurua South Devons

Peter & Caroline Foss


Area  575 Ha

Stock  2000 Ewes, docking 135%

            700  Hgts

            200 Stud Cows

            250 R1yr cattle

            100 R2yr cattle

Soil  Majority Mahoenui Clay with some Mairoa Ash

Climate 100-250m absl

               1600mm rainfall, winter wet


The Ipurua South Devon Stud was established in the late 70's with the purchase of a number of grade cows.  It was developed into a predominantly English purebred herd through the addition of 12 cows in 1983 and 10 in 1994 from Woodah (J Holt) Blenheim.  The original commercial component of the herd comprised of cows involved in an ongoing grade up programme originating from an Angus base in the late 70's.  All females including heifers to calve as 2 year olds are mated to quality purebred South Devon bulls.

Our commerical herd was inspected in 2012 with the greater majority being accepted to the South Devon Register.  Performance data is now being added for the previously unregistered animals.    This includes both weights for growth rate analysis and scan data for carcass trait analysis.  This carcass data is crucial if we wish to balance the growth rate EBVs and produce a carcass that is worth hanging on the hooks and females that are winter friendly.

The 200 cow herd continues to be developed on our hill country property under strictly commerical conditions. The heifer component of the herd are calved as 2yr olds to South Devon sires. The herd calves October / early November to fit in with the overall commercial management of our operation. Whilst this decision to calve late obviously impacts on the animals age and hence size, it has absolutely no bearing on the individuals genetic make up.

Stong selection emphasis has been given to soundness, longevity, quality fleshing and temperament.

We welcome on farm inspection of all stock.

Peter & Caroline