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South Devon Newsletter, November 2010, issue 48

Contents of this issue:

  1. President's Message
  2. Bull trial open day
  3. PBBnz reports
  4. ILROnline
  5. Extension
  7. PBB AGM
  8. 2011 South Devon AGM
  9. Beef Review
  10. 2011 South Devon world conference & tour in Australia
  11. Beef Expo / Steak of Origin

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September will be a month that for many will not be forgotten for a very long time; with the earthquake in Christchurch and Canterbury region and the weather; with the heavy snow falls down South to the heavy rain throughout the rest of New Zealand.

We as members of the farming community can plan for 364 days to get the animals ready for spring but Mother Nature can destroy that in 24 hours, as we have seen.

There have been some heavy losses in both Islands, but in true Kiwi nature we will survive.

The Board has written a letter to Silver Fern Farms enquiring why South Devon is not included in its 50% British breeds schedule. We await their response.

From all the reports I have received it would appear that the Bull Trial bulls are going really well which is great. We look forward to a good turnout at the Open Day.

I would like to acknowledge the support from Beef + Lamb NZ to the beef industry with its funding of $194,000 for the migration from BREEDPLAN ILR1 to ILR2, including ILROnline.

The South Devon Cattle Society is truly grateful for their support. I would like to thank Murray Meads for all his efforts in negotiating this funding with Beef + Lamb NZ.

Brian Thomson