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South Devon Newsletter, July 2013, issue 54

Contents of this issue:

  1. President's Message
  2. 2013 South Devon Tour
  3. AG Innovation - Beef Expo 2013
  4. Notes & Dates
  5. Show Results

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This year the AGM & Tour covered Waikato / Bay of Plenty & King Country it was well attended by members, a big thank you to the organisers for a very interesting and well organised tour. The South Devon cattle appeared to be doing very well under stressful conditions due to the drought in the area at the time unlike here at my place at the moment we have the total contrast of flooding which we are now in the 16th day and the cattle are finding it a hard job to find a dry area to rest, this would have to be the longest flood that I can remember.

I would like to thank Gavin Osborne who recently retired from our Board, he was a valued member of our team and was presented with a painting on behalf of the Society.

I would also like to welcome Mark Eagle on to the board we are looking forward to working alongside him.

The Presidentís Trophy was awarded to Ann Thomson for her kind donation of three oil paintings that have been presented to retiring members.

Thank you to all those who helped out at Beef Expo your help was very much appreciated by Richard van Ash, this helped towards the smooth running of the event.

A big thanks must go to all our sponsors for their donation of product for prize winners at Beef Expo, their generosity is very much appreciated by our members.

Ann and I were at a wedding in late April in Nelson and took the opportunity to travel back home through Blenheim where Richard van Ash arranged for us to view the steers and heifers grazing at the property of the trial, I think most members would be envious of the amount of grass that was available to them. The cattle appeared to have adapted well to their new environment. A very impressive group of South Devon animals indeed.

The South Devon cattle are being grazed along with other cattle on the property so we will wait with great interest to compare the weight gain between them as the year progresses.

With all the bad weather behind us may the Spring be kind to all you breeders.

Brian Thomson