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South Devon Newsletter, August 2018, issue 63

Contents of this issue:

  1. President's Message
  2. Show Results
  3. Sale Results
  4. 2020 World Conference
  5. A5 Notepads
  6. "Breedplan" versus $ profit
  7. Tips for photographing cattle
  8. Little reminders
  9. Board of management contacts
  10. PBB contacts

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With winter all but behind us and spring just around the corner the next generation of South Devon calves will be beginning to arrive. Hopefully Mother Nature will play nicely now, after a few fairly trying months for most!

It was great to see such strong bull sale results around the country this year and I would like to congratulate the Breeders on the quality of young sires on offer with a good number of them being transferred.

This years’ AGM was held in Feilding with just over half the Society’s Breeding Members attending. It was the first year, in recent times, that there was no Expo or Breed Tour for it to coincide with. The Board of Management had asked members for suggestions as to possible venues but with none forthcoming Feilding was chosen as it gave access to PBB staff and facilities reducing costs to the Breed Society.

The 2019 AGM will be hosted by Canterbury and planning is already well under way.

Fraser McKenzie delivered an obituary for the late John Holt who passed away in December 2017. John was a Life Member and a real stalwart of the Breed Society who will be missed greatly.

The dates for the 2020 World Congress Tour of New Zealand were set and these will be disclosed in an article in the newsletter.

During the meeting criticism was levelled at the Board of Management for a general lack of communication with members. Ultimately the responsibility for that lies with me and I concede we could have done things differently, taking the points raised on board. Communication is a two way street and I would like to take this opportunity to remind members we welcome your input and any Board member is only a phone call or email away.

Lanise Robertson retired from the Board being replaced by Fraser McKenzie. I would like to thank Lanise for her contribution; she was a valued member of the team. I look forward to working with Fraser and welcome him. I would like to thank those members who nominated potential sires for the Beef + Lamb NZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test. It will be interesting to see which sires, if any, the panel select and then to watch how those sires progeny perform against other breeds. I understand, in the future, there is potential for a female South Devon cattle herd to be involved also.

The Board, in conjunction with Pivot Design, have just begun an upgrade of the Breed Website so we need photographs and articles from you the members. In order for social media to be effective it needs to be current and its content updated regularly. It is global advertising that is free to you.

We are also currently reviewing the Breed Society’s constitution, ensuring it is still fit for purpose, given the advances in genomics and advice from PBB.

I wish all members the best with calving and look forward to receiving any feedback, ideas or suggestions.

Kind regards,